Morocco is a situated in North Africa.It’s 3 hours flight from Europe by plane.It’s bordered by the Atlantic ocean in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the north.The Rif montains are in the east of the country where as the Sahara lies in the south.
The Moroccan climate is Mediterranean.
The official language of Morocco is Arabic and Moroccan money is the dirham.
Morocco has a good infrastructure: Airports, Ports, good motorways and rail links that link the country’s major cities.
Morocco is a touristic destination of a quality which harmoniously combines traditions and modernity where you can taste the pleasure of a traditional and international culinary art and offers a wide range of hotel categories.


City in constant turmoil, romantic and captivating, Casablanca surprises. The economic capital of Morocco is a city of contrasts where the market places alongside high buildings combines tradition and modernity.


La capitale du Maroc allie harmonieusement modernité et tradition. Siège du Parlement et des ambassades, Rabat est le centre des activités internationales du pays mais aussi une destination touristique incontournable avec ses grands espaces verts et ses nombreux monuments.


Fascinating beauty and intensity, Marrakech was once the capital of Morocco and residence of the Sultan. The city lies at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, on the Haouz, famous for the quality of its products and it’s good cuisine.


Agadir, Capital of the South, it is the first fishing port of Morocco. Agadir owes its fame to its current extraordinary range of over 6 km of fine golden sand, and its 300 days of sunshine a year. This small fishing village was the issue of battles between the course of its history the local tribes and foreign powers.


City of all mysteries, Fes Medina has the largest pedestrian area and the world: Fes el Medina. This labyrinth of narrow streets is home to a multitude of merchants and artisans practicing their talents in front of visitors, in a heady mixture of smells of leather and dyeing.


Mythical crossroads of Europe and Africa, Tangier fascinates travelers and artists from all backgrounds for centuries. Today, this gem of northern Morocco carries huge infrastructure projects, such as the new car factory and the port Tanger Med.